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Service, Maintenance & Repairs

Service, Maintenance and Repairs on Cyclo South Africa Equipment.

All Equipment that is sold to the Consumer by Cyclo South Africa is serviced and repaired by Cyclo South Africa.

Cyclo Polisher
Vehicle Waxing Equipment

This polisher is sold with a “Labour Free for Life” policy (however labour will only be charged if the machine was not imported by Cyclo South Africa or if the polisher was opened by a non Cyclo South Africa Technician) – You will only get charged should the tool require anything. Counterweights will be torqued, gears grease and a full assessment given of what is required. This service is offerred by us  to keep the integrity of the Cyclo intact. We also offer a 6 month guarantee on our workmanship.

Orbitech polisher
polishing equipment

This tool is backup unit, it still however serves the same purpose, but we still service it as it is a Cyclo branded product.

vacuum cleaner
cyclosa - services

We do both on-site as well as in house repairs for vacs. This includes carbon brush changes, switches and/or necessary hosing and associated spares. 

high pressure equipment
Kranzle 599

We are able to diagnose and service your on-site equipment. Should it require off site work, we have loan equipment which our staff will happily install for you in order for you to keep in business.

cyclo foam cannon

Genuine Cyclo Snow Foam is your friend – If you are using an alternative product, it will clog your filter which will lead to a higher soap consumption as well as an inconsistency in the overall application. Call us when this happens.

happy car equipement

Refer to the operating instructions