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Cyclo Product Range


Care for Your Car

The CYCLO SA Product range is something to be proud of. Our Product range consists of industrial Cleaning Machines through to Cleaning Chemicals and accessories.

Auto Detailing
Cyclo Product Range

The CYCLO machine with its fine hand action orbital motion cannot damage the surface in any way, and is the only machine that can leave a swirl-free finish without any danger of burning, marring or gouging. Originally designed for the exacting requirements of the aerospace industry, the CYCLO polisher has become the standard for automotive dealerships, body shops, car washes and auto detailers who require only the best. Robust in construction, they are designed to last a lifetime, and it is not uncommon to see machines in service for 40 years or more. Available in electric or pneumatic versions, along with associated cleaners. Machines sold by CYCLO SA are supplied on a “labor-free for life” policy.

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Polishes, Surface Preparation & Cleaning Detergents
happy car chemicals

CYCLO also have their own full range of polishes and surface preparations specially designed for use with the CYCLO polisher. Burnishing creams, scratch removers, deoxidizers, polymer sealants and paint glazes as well as conventional high gloss polishes are available at wholesale prices. Other products such as plastic, vinyl, and rubber dressings, including protectants, engine cleaners and leather dressings are also in the CYCLO range of professional auto detailing supplies. CYCLO products are not sold in any retail stores and are only available to commercial applicators. With CYCLO, there are no franchise fees, no royalties. Your investment goes directly into these fine products, some of which our principle supplier in the USA have been producing since 1953. Many franchised car care operations use these same chemicals and machines.

Extraction Cleaner
Car wash valet

Addressing the single biggest problem in the auto cleaning industry – wet seats – the CYCLO Predator can clean car seats and upholstery in half the time it takes for conventional cleaning. There is no need to remove the seats from the vehicle (thus saving time and eliminating the possibility of lost bolts and stripped threads etc). The seats are dry within 45 minutes thanks to the associated cleaners! The incredible efficiency of the machine means no more wet backsides, no damp smells or misted up windows. Not only will you be saving on labor costs, but these real bonuses will translate into happy customers. These would generate referrals leading to  more business. Each new CYCLO Predator comes with a complementary chemical start up pack sufficient to do around 50 jobs.

Some unique features on the CYCLO Predator make it ideal for this industry – no waste gate to get clogged up, extra powerful twin 3 stage vacuum motors, robust roto moulded construction, large wheels for working outdoors, full 40 litre capacities for both solution and recovery tank, stainless steel hand tool, and best quality hydraulic brass quick couplers. The CYCLO Predator will pay for itself in almost no time at all with faster throughput, minimal drying times and low chemical consumption rates.

Headlight Restoration
happy headlight restoration and cleaners

CYCLO also carry the full range of other innovative GLASS TECHNOLOGY glass restoration systems and products. The “Scratch Hog” system can remove scratches and water marks from flat and automotive glass. It is hugely successful in the USA. The “Diamond Clear Acrylic Restoration” system addresses the needs of faded acrylic, plastic and polycarbonate headlamps and lenses found on most modern cars. Also suitable for motorcycle windscreens and aircraft windows. Now one can restore the lenses to look like new for only a fraction of the cost of replacement, and with replacement costs in the range of R1 500.00 to R25 000.00. You know how much money can be saved. This is one untapped enormous market just waiting to be addressed. At the time of writing there are no known competitors to either of these systems. The market is yours for the taking.

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Windscreen Restoration
happy car windscreen restoration

CYCLO introduced the GLASS TECHNOLOGY range of vacuum based windscreen repair machines and UV curing resin products to Southern Africa way back in 1984. There are four different systems in the line-up, each one catering for a different user and market. At the budget end of the scale there is the “Spectrum Starter Kit” system, suitable for fleet owners and motor dealers who want to do repairs in-house. There are also three professional systems for entrepreneurs who will generate their income from windscreen repair; the “Spectrum Professional” hand operated system, the “Maxim” compressor driven system, “Vanish” integrated UV system. All GLASS TECHNOLOGY systems use vacuum technique for a complete repair process. All use the same “guaranteed not to discolor” resins/cleaners.

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CYCLO carry a full range of GLASS TECHNOLOGY windscreen repair supplies. Should a particular system not be in stock, we arrange to fly them out from the USA within 10 days.

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