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R 10 000.00 INCL. VAT

We currently have a number of factory fully refurbished machines available – which come with an “as new” guarantee, and come with the same accessory pack and the same chemical pack as for a brand new machine.  These list at a 25% discount off the list price for new. We list these refurbished units at R 10 000.00 each inclusive of VAT. The price is includes a chemical start up pack.

It cannot burr or damage the paintwork , even in inexpert hands,  doesn’t leave any swirl marks as associated with rotary type machines, is robust, and comes with a “lifetime service agreement” – in that you will never pay for labour on any service or repair.  Ts & Cs apply.  What are the Ts & Cs?   Don’t try and fix it yourself!   There are a number of special factory tools required to work on these machines, so we discourage well meaning (but ill trained) “mechanics” from attempting any maintenance.  This way we maintain the factory integrity (and reputation) of the machines indefinitely.

You are welcome to download our price list.

We will of course offer at no cost full training for you and any of your operatives

R 22 315.50 INCL. VAT

We have a fully refurbished machine (by this we been, the machine was stripped down to the last component and all parts, motors and pump was replaced with brand new parts, the machine is also supplied with a chemical pack and the hand tool + hose) this one sells for R 22 312.50 incl. vat and is guaranteed as brand new.

The Cyclo extractors are the ONLY machines on the market to give you DRY seats in about 30 minutes, resulting in happy customers, more referrals and more business.  And the bonus this time is that you can do it much quicker than any other method, saving a bundle in labour costs at the same time!      Either way, or both ways, with the CYCLO Predator you’re a WINNER!