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Predator D3 Extractor 40 Litre + Chemical Pack


The Cyclo Predator D3 Extractor upholstery cleaning machine can do all this for you

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The Cyclo Predator D3 Extractor upholstery cleaning machine can do all this for you.  How, you may ask?

Well, if you want to reduce operating expenses, Cyclo extraction cleaners have a proven record of reducing cleaning time from an average of 3 man hours down to about 1 and a half man hours.  The Predator is just the latest in a line of industry superior machines which have a number of additional benefits even over our previous award winning Extract-All Mark IV. That means that at a current minimum labour rate of R30.00 per hour, you can be saving R45.00 per vehicle in labour costs alone.  If, for example you do an average 4 cars per day, that amounts to a saving of R180.00 per day, or R3,960.00 per month, or R47,520 per year!  And the real bonus is that the seats and carpets are DRY in about 30 minutes, so that there are no damp smells, no wet backsides, no misted-up windows or steamed-up customers to worry about!   With the Predator you get all this without having to take the seats out of the vehicle, and without having to invest in any hot air drying machine!

If, on the other hand you are more concerned with getting more customers, the Cyclo extractors are the ONLY machines on the market to give you DRY seats in about 30 minutes, resulting in happy customers, more referrals and more business.  And the bonus this time is that you can do it much quicker than any other method, saving a bundle in labour costs at the same time!      Either way, or both ways, with the CYCLO Predator you’re a WINNER!

Want to know more?   Or for a no obligation demonstration in the Gauteng area, give us a call on (011) 664 6290 / 6310

Features and benefits                                     Predator D3

Improved vacuum motors                             2 x 1400w 3 stage

Improved pump motor                                   Flojet 60 psi

Larger capacity                                                 40 / 40 litres

Improved switches                                          3 x double pole

Improved waste disposal                               Valve free

Easier loading                                                  Removable recovery tank

Prices are inclusive of a more than R2,000.00 value chemical start-up pack (sufficient for your first 100 full valet jobs)

*Important Note: These machines are only send into production, once payment has been received*


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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 62 × 90 cm

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