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Compound & Polish Sample Pack


The new Compound & Polish Sample Pack for D-A Polishers contains four 125ml bottles of RUPES most popular polishing compounds from the D-A System and UNO ranges. The Compound & Polish Sample Pack is designed to introduce our polishing compounds to those who may not have experienced the amazing performance of the latest high-performance formulas.

Expected time of arrival at our Krugersdorp offices, 2-3 working days after payment was received.

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  • D-A COARSE (1 bottle – 125ml) – D-A COARSE is ideal for users who want fast removal of moderate to severe defects and a smooth user experience. Use any of the RUPES D-A Coarse pads for strong cutting and impressive finishing on any type of painted surface.
  • D-A FINE (1 bottle – 125ml) – D-A Fine Polishing Compound delivers moderate defect removal along with an incredible finish quality on most paints. The formula has been tuned for easy wipe-off and an optimized user experience with any of the yellow D-A System Pads.
  • UNO PURE (1 bottle – 125ml) – UNO PURE is an ultra- finishing polish designed for very soft or haze-prone paints to create a show car finish, even in dark colours. Pair with any of the RUPES White D-A System pads and experienced class-leading finishing performance.
  • UNO PROTECT (1 bottle – 125ml) – UNO PROTECT is an all-in-one polish and sealant that removes moderate defects and leaves a high-gloss, protected finish, in just one- step. UNO PROTECT offers a pad-dependent cut and finish, so pair it with any RUPES pad to suit your specific application



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