Why Cyclo

Professional Quality

Would you expect anything less? CYCLO equipment and chemicals were originally developed for the exacting standards of the aerospace and airline industries. These same high standards are maintained in all facets of our products and service.

Cost Effective

What do you require out of your business? More profits; a better return on investment. CYCLO products are designed to work faster and more effectively thus providing you with the most efficient cleaning methods. Saving your time is saving your money.

Liability Protection

Why run the risk of customer comebacks from potential wash damage? Our CLASSIC CARBATH touch-free car wash systems means no brooms or roller brushes, and no cloths or sponges to damage a vehicles delicate paintwork. Similarly our detailing systems are paint safe and upholstery friendly. GLASS TECHNOLOGY resins, for example are guaranteed for life not to discolour. Satisfied customers are repeat customers.

Customer Attractive

While their vehicle is going through our patented wash process, instead of the customer twiddling his/her thumbs, you can now direct the customer to the optional on-site coffee shop and entertainment areas thus giving them something to do, and providing you with an additional source of revenue.

Integrated full product line

No need to source from umpteen different suppliers. With CYCLO you don't have to shop around. We are able to supply everything you will need for your particular application. We can supply everything from a bottle of polish to a turn key full serve touch-free car wash and auto detailing (car valet) installation. CYCLO's CLASSIC division can also undertake the planning and construction of each custom designed car wash.

Management controls

Why try and re-invent the wheel? Our worldwide experience has helped develop cash management, quality control and stock control systems specific to the carwash industry, for your protection and improved profitability.

Freedom of choice

Non-franchised or Branded Image. With the CLASSIC brand your customers can expect the same level of service from CLASSIC sites throughout the world, and you will attract visiting customers who have experienced the CLASSIC treatment elsewhere.

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