The CYCLO machine with its fine hand action orbital motion cannot damage the surface in any way, and is the only machine that can leave a swirl-free finish without any danger of burning, marring or gouging. Originally designed for the exacting requirements of the aerospace industry, the CYCLO polisher has become the standard for automotive dealerships, bodyshops, car washes and auto detailers who require only the best. Robust in construction, they are designed to last a lifetime, and it is not uncommon to see machines in service for 40 years or more. Available in electric or pneumatic versions, machines sold by CYCLO SA are supplied on a "labour free for life" policy.

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CYCLO also have their own full range of polishes and surface preparations specially designed for use with the CYCLO polisher. Burnishing creams, scratch removers, deoxidizers, polymer sealants and paint glazes as well as conventional high gloss polishes are available at wholesale prices. Other products such as plastic, vinyl, and rubber dressings and protectants as well as engine cleaners and leather dressings are also in the CYCLO range of professional auto detailing supplies. CYCLO products are not sold in any retail stores and are only available to commercial applicators. With CYCLO, there are no franchise fees, no royalties. Your investment goes directly into these fine products, some of which our princple suppier in the USA have been producing since 1953. Many franchised car care operations use these same chemicals and machines.

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