CYCLO originally started developing cleaning systems for the aircraft and automotive industries, and who commenced operations in 1953 manufacturing their unique twin head orbital action polisher designed specifically for the aircraft and aerospace industries. This machine is the only machine that can leave a swirl-free finish without any danger of burning, marring or gouging. Alongside the polisher were developed a series of speciality chemicals and polishes to enhance and protect aircraft surfaces. In a short space of time the polisher (together with the various polishes) established itself as the standard polishing system throughout the world and is now used by virtually every airline and aircraft manufacturer.

In the mid 1970s the machine was discovered by the automotive industry, and was such an instant success in resolving the paint problems of the auto industry that is now the ONLY approved machine for all Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai and Nissan dealer outlets in the USA. During this time, the company developed initially for the aircraft industry, and subsequently for the auto industry, a spray extract cleaning system for upholstery and carpets. The CYCLO Predator Extraction Cleaner is still the only machine which can deep clean yet still allow carpets and upholstery to be dry in just a few minutes.

We also represent the GLASS TECHNOLOGY line of premium windscreen repair and glass restoration systems, including the latest polycarbonate headlamp restoration system.

Our CLASSIC CARBATH was born of the need to provide service station operators and entrepreneurs with an affordable yet highly sophisticated touch-free carwash system that would deliver a superior cleaning process and service resulting in supreme customer confidence. The CLASSIC system has now changed the whole face of car washing giving the customer a speedy yet paint safe process, a pleasant environment and a fun place to visit, and providing low operating costs and management control systems for the operator.

CYCLO SA, a properly constituted proprietary limited company, and incorporated since 1982, operate from their own company-owned premises situated on the principal route through Roodepoort, approx. 20 km west of central Johannesburg.

CYCLO has the right equipment, the right chemicals, and the right cleaning system for you.

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