Glass Restoration

CYCLO also carry the full range of other innovative GLASS TECHNOLOGY glass restoration systems and products. The "Scratch Hog" system can remove scratches and water marks from flat glass and automotive glass, and is hugely successful in the USA . The "Diamond Clear Acrylic Restoration" system addresses the needs of faded acrylic, plastic and polycarbonate headlamps and lenses found on most modern cars. Also suitable for motorcycle windscreens and aircraft windows. Now one can restore the lenses to look like new for only a fraction of the cost of replacement, and with replacement costs in the range of R800 to R4000, you know how much money can be saved. This is one as yet untapped enormous market just waiting to be addressed. At the time of writing there are no known competitors to either of these systems - the market is yours for the taking.

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Diamond Clear Acrylic Restoration

Scratch Hog

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