Extraction Cleaning

Addressing the single biggest problem in the auto cleaning industry - wet seats - the CYCLO Predator can clean car seats and upholstery in half the time it takes for conventional cleaning. There is no need to remove the seats from the vehicle (thus saving time and eliminating the possibility of lost bolts and stripped threads etc.), and the seats are dry within 20 minutes! The incredible efficiency of the machine means no more wet backsides, no damp smells or misted up windows. Not only will you be saving on labour costs, but these real bonuses will translate into happy customers, more referrals and more business. And each new CYCLO Predator comes with a free chemical start up pack sufficient to do around 100 jobs.

Some unique features on the CYCLO Predator make it ideal for this industry - no waste gate to get clogged up, extra powerful twin 3 stage vacuum motors, built in drying attachment, robust roto moulded construction, large wheels for working outdoors, full 40 litre capacities for both solution and recovery tank, stainless steel hand tool, and best quality brass quick couplers. The CYCLO Predator will pay for itself in almost no time at all with faster throughput, minimal drying times and low chemical consumption rates.

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